Nana Plaza Bangkok

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Bangkok Bunnies | Nana Plaza

Bangkok Bunnies has both dance floors fully opened now and is a must see bar at Nana Plaza. The new dance floor is unique which will impress all who venture inside. If you take your eyes away from the dance floor then you will notice dancers in the corners of the bar and yeah they can dance.

Bangkok Bunnies - Nana Plaza

      A dancer takes a break

Bangkok Bunnies go-go bar has a good number of dancers inside that there will be defiantly someone that takes your fancy I would get her over quick for a drink before some other prick beats you to her the music inside is set to a good volume that you will even be able to have a conversation with the women without straining to hear. If you plan on taking your new friend from the bar then a barfine costs 700฿ at least you’ll be able to say that you have done one of the Bunnies.

If you and a few friends just want to sit back relax then you can sit at the VIP area in luxury and relax … who am I kidding this is Bangkok loosen up a bit and get a few dancers over for some fun.

The outside bar area is a comfortable place to sit where you can watch what is going on within Nana Plaza. As you can see by the picture that there’re some attractive looking women working outside just buy them a drink and they could be your new best friend for the night.

Looking around Bangkok Bunnies you can see the renovation works have been done to a high standard in the material used and the attention too detail, they have the best male toilets I have seen at Nana Plaza I’m sure you wanted to here that but it shows how far they have gone here.

Bangkok Bunnies - Nana Plaza

     Bangkok Bunnies outside bar

There is a real atmosphere inside with plenty of dancers on the dance floor most in various stages of dress or lack of it, this is a real bonus. With a bar this size you could spend your whole night at Bangkok Bunnies and wont be disappointed.

Bangkok Bunnies go-go bar 7/10.