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Bada Bing Go-Go Bar | Patpong

Saturday night I head to Patpong 2 and enter Bada Bing Go-Go Bar which is a good size, they have a large elevated circular dance floor which can hold about 18 dancers comfortably. I order a beer which costs 140฿, you can smoke here but luckily Bada Bing is well ventilated.

Bada Bing Patpong Dancers

The women dancing are very good I noticed there are 12 girls wearing black tops and 10 wearing white so I ask the waitress who informs me that Barfines start at 600฿ and the dancers in the white tops are more expensive with the selection of dancers here tonight you really cant go wrong just make sure you choose the girl that has caught your eye then invite her over for a drink.

The only difference that I could see is age as the dancers in the white tops looked in their early 20's. Patpongs Bada Bing Go-Go Bar is better than any bar at Nana Plaza Soi 4 Bangkok right now and is up there with the better bars at Soi Cowboy.

After about 5 Songs the chicks dancing leave the stage and a few new dancers enter the dance floor then from nowhere 2 of the best dancers I have seen at any Go-Go Bar light up the stage it really was hard to take your eye of them, one in particular was totally oblivious to her surroundings was having a great time dancing by herself.

She can dance - Bada Bing PatpongSome of the other women who where dancing earlier came over, and asked a few guys nearby if they could sit and have a drink. One of them was too quick saying to the women ‘why don't you buy us a drink?’ HA HA they disappeared pretty quick after he said that.

The music is very good here and very easy for the dancers to dance to. The DJ looked a lot more professional than what I have seen at other establishments.

Bada Bing closes at 3 am so if you want to make a night of it you cant go wrong here especially if you take a fancy to one of the women then do yourself a favor and don't drink too much if you intend taking one of the women back to your motel. Nah drink more…Is what a lot of people will be saying.

At Bada Bing Go-Go Bar they have a bar area that you can enter via the small lane that joins Patpong 1 and Patpong 2 and from my seat inside the Go-Go Bar you can see a large flat screen TV with football on.

So if your not into just sitting and watching the women dance then this is a good alternative, what's more important the football or chicks? HA HA if you're on holiday I hope it's the women its just sad otherwise.

Bada Bing Go-Go Bar - Patpong 6½/10.

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