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Back in Bangkok

After spending 5 weeks in the UK it’s good to be back in Bangkok. The obese are becoming the majority in the UK and it really is beyond belief that so many people appear to think it’s normal to be 20 to 30kg overweight. It wasn't until I hit Edinburgh that I noticed the majority were in the healthy bracket. Finally women to look at!!! Fit women with no fake tans which seems to be all the craze in the less educated parts of the UK. Only an hour away by train Glasgow has it all, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, obesity running rampant and if you smoke then why not do it to the max. Just ignore all the negatives above then you can have a good holiday in the UK. Thank I was raised in Australia.

I couldn't hit Soi Cowboy quick enough when I arrived back into Bangkok, for obvious reasons. Bangkok really is a mecca for hot chicks, especially when you have been away in the land of the obese :).

Since my sleep pattern is a bit screwed I found myself walking along Sukhumvit road near Soi Cowboy at around 3:30am looking for a bite to eat. You will be amazed at the amount of street side small bars and outside eatery's where you can sit and have a pretty decent meal, still open at this time. I noticed more than a few guys with bargirls that I presume were barfined earlier and are now chowing done to some food. I’d guess they will be staying the night since she hasn't done a runner back to her room.

There're more than a few freelancers seated having a drink. They will give you the eye to sit and have a drink or a meal. You'd really have to be a be desperate to hook up with a freelancer this late. This is Bangkok you shouldn’t be hanging-out at this time to get laid.

You will also pass a few ladyboys. On occasions even a polite smile to a ladyboy along Sukhumvit road especially this late might not be wise as they will more than likely think you are interested. Just keep walking, they should get the message that you were only being polite.

Now what could have changed in the last 5 weeks? Well plenty.